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What are dentures?

We will be looking at the various reasons why people lose teeth and discuss available denture options. You will also get an idea of what to expect if you are thinking about undergoing the denture procedure yourself.

People often lose a tooth, and it’s not uncommon to have multiple teeth missing. It can be very painful and inconvenient, but there are lots of ways to restore the mouth’s original function. These include dental implants, partial and complete dentures, dental bridges and false teeth. Dentures are one of the best solutions when many or all teeth are missing

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Losing teeth is a fairly common occurrence in the US, with estimates suggesting that one in four people between the ages of 20 and 44 will lose an adult tooth. There are many causes for this, including: oral health problems, accidents, injuries, cracked teeth from stress, untreated gum disease, large cavities, infected teeth, or extreme tooth wear from stress.

One of the most common ways people lose teeth is from large cavities. This happens when tooth enamel is damaged from bacteria, leading to an infection that goes un-treated. People can also lose teeth due to fractures associated with old fillings. Braces, broken dentures, and other things can all lead to stress fractures in teeth as well. Untreated gum disease can also lead to tooth loss due to inflammation that results in bone loss around the jawbone. 

It is important to take care of our teeth as they are a vital part of our body. Without teeth, we would not be able to chew and swallow food, and can also change our facial appearance.

One or two of your adult teeth may not have formed. Missing teeth can cause misaligned bites and lead to other dental problems. If you’re missing one or two teeth, there are treatments that can help restore the function and appearance of your mouth.

When we have missing teeth, it can be a real pain. We want to fill those spaces and we want to do it fast. Options to replace missing teeth are: a partial denture, a denture, a bridge resting on the nearby teeth, or dental implants. One of the best solutions for many missing teeth are dentures, as mentioned before. 

Some people are better candidates for partial dentures or dentures for various reasons, including those who can’t maintain dental health due to age or illness. A partial denture is a set of artificial teeth that are connected by metal clasps to a gum bed made from acrylic resin. The rest of the person’s own teeth may be either removed or kept in place with crowns and other types of dental work.

Partial dentures and dentures are removable prosthetics that rest on your gums and have artificial teeth that look and function like regular teeth. These artificial teeth will last for years, but over time they may need to be replaced.

It is important to get the best type of dentures to suit your needs and lifestyle. The two main types of dentures are Partial Dentures and Full Dentures– both of which are removable. 

A partial denture replaces missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw, whereas a full denture replaces all missing teeth in one or both jaws.

These are custom made in the dental office, and they are made only to fit your mouth. We are happy to be able to provide this service for our patients, because it will help restore function and appearance of teeth if any are needed to be removed.

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