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What are dental fillings?

Fillings are needed when there’s small or moderate levels of decay (cavities) in a tooth. It is caused by a sticky substance called plaque that forms when we eat a lot of starches and sugars but don’t brush them all off.

It’s true that our teeth are really complicated. There are many crevasses and angles, so it can be hard to brush off every little bit of food residue. Then the bacteria start eating the food residue, which produces acid and this causes tooth erosion and cavities.

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Left unchecked, tooth infections can become more serious and start to reach deeper into the layers below your teeth. When tooth decay reaches your dentin layer (the softer layer below our enamel), you might start feeling sensitive teeth. This is because the dentin has tiny tubes that directly communicate with the nerves of the tooth.

Past the dentin, cavities can reach your pulp which is where the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels are.

That’s why fillings are so important in these situations! They help prevent decay from growing and destroying additional tooth structure, which can lead to weak teeth and/or infected nerve tissue. This also helps avoid root canals or the need for tooth extraction. 

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Had a good visit. Friendly staff, short wait times, high tech equipment, and great patient care. Thanks to the hygienist who gave me some special attention.

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All the staff were very friendly! Thank you for the quick appointment and addressing my problem first and foremost. Made me feel at ease about everything I needed done! Thank you!

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Love love this dental office. Had chipped front tooth and able to get in today to repair filling. They truly have great passion for their patients.

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Best dental service I've ever had and I've been to several through the years but have been a patient here for a lot of years and it's the TOP rated.

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Best dentist in Springfield.