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What are Implant Restorations?

A dental implant restoration is a very predictable solution for replacing a missing tooth. Dental implant restorations offer several advantages compared to traditional methods for tooth replacement including: maintaining quality bone, implants are non-invasive to surrounding teeth, and they can often be restored in several different ways to provide the best fit and function for the patient.

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A full dental implant restoration process begins with an implant. Implants are used both to replace a lost tooth and provide a natural-looking root. Implants can also be fitted out as crowns, or serve as the base for other restorations.

Dental implants are highly recommended by dentists because of their bone preserving properties. An implant transfers bite forces into the patient’s jaw, which helps preserve bone tissues and therefore the health of other teeth.

Implants are the only type of dental prosthesis that can help provide bone stability after a tooth falls out. 

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Had a good visit. Friendly staff, short wait times, high tech equipment, and great patient care. Thanks to the hygienist who gave me some special attention.

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All the staff were very friendly! Thank you for the quick appointment and addressing my problem first and foremost. Made me feel at ease about everything I needed done! Thank you!

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Love love this dental office. Had chipped front tooth and able to get in today to repair filling. They truly have great passion for their patients.

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Best dental service I've ever had and I've been to several through the years but have been a patient here for a lot of years and it's the TOP rated.

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Best dentist in Springfield.