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Keeping Your Dental Needs
Our Top Priority

Our care revolves around the patient’s needs, not our own. We pride ourselves on trying to explain every aspect of a particular situation so that the patient can make the best decision regarding their health. We like to be as minimally invasive as possible, while still providing care that lasts long-term.

Our goal is to give you a dental experience that you will want to tell your friends and family about! We also love getting anxious patients to feel more at ease about seeing the dentist.

About Springfield Family Dental

Family Dentist in Springfield, MO

Our goal is to make the dental visit as comfortable as we can for everyone who comes through our doors. We are honest about what options you have and want you, our patients, to make the best possible decisions regarding your care. We also love taking pictures to better explain what is happening and what needs to be done. Our patients love the opportunity to completely understand what the problem is, even visually, before having to make a decision about their dental care. 

We are a technology-driven practice that utilizes the latest equipment – some of which is found in very few dental offices around the nation – to give you the best possible product. We even make some 3D-printed products in-house, which passes the savings on to you!

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Meet Dr. Salar

I was born and raised in the foothills of beautiful Mt. Hood just outside Portland, Oregon. This is where my love of outdoor activities comes from! I love getting out to golf, as well as occasionally fishing and hunting, skiing, tennis, and soccer. 

I completed my undergraduate training at Portland State University, after which I was accepted into the Missouri School of Dentistry in St. Louis. During my time in dental school I married my wonderful wife Laura, I served as my class’s president, and conducted research on the accuracy of dental digital scanners used in some of our more advanced procedures. Following my graduation from dental school, I worked at several private practices throughout the St. Louis metro area.  

Abourt Dr. Salar - SPRINGFIELD FAMILY DENTAL Family Dentist In Springfield, MO

What our patients are saying

James Murray

Had a good visit. Friendly staff, short wait times, high tech equipment, and great patient care. Thanks to the hygienist who gave me some special attention.

Arbrey Redman

All the staff were very friendly! Thank you for the quick appointment and addressing my problem first and foremost. Made me feel at ease about everything I needed done! Thank you!

Coco Cook

Love love this dental office. Had chipped front tooth and able to get in today to repair filling. They truly have great passion for their patients.

Robert Barnes

Best dental service I've ever had and I've been to several through the years but have been a patient here for a lot of years and it's the TOP rated.

Chris Bork

Best dentist in Springfield.